The great Sainsburys smash and (land) grab

No big Sainsburys for Holmes Chapel

JS Sainsbury have now formally confirmed that they will not be going ahead with their new proposed superstore, car park and petrol station in Holmes Chapel, despite planning permission being obtained via developer Bluemantle back in 2014.

This is what you could have won. An artists impression of the store that isn't coming to Holmes Chapel now.
This is what you could have won. An artists impression of the store that isn’t coming to Holmes Chapel now.

Despite buying up the former Fisons site and then demolishing the Fisons building including its impressive art deco frontage to the dismay of local residents who wanted this to be preserved, they have now decided not to proceed with the build leaving residents frustrated and disappointed.

So what next for the site? Will it be sold to another developer for commercial use (i.e. will another supermarket come to the rescue?) or, as seems more likely, will it become yet another housing development tacked on to the Bellway/Bloor homes site which is almost completed with somewhere in the region of 230 homes now built.

Sainsburys have a small ‘Local’ store at the other end of the Village. Some residents are now calling for this to be boycotted in the light of this disappointing news which sees Holmes Chapel continuing to enlarge in terms of housing estates with little corresponding core commercial development to reflect or cater for the needs of the growing population.

This is no doubt good news for Aldi however,  who are due to open very soon on Manor Lane.

Poor show Sainsburys and Bluemantle.

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