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Do you want to promote your local Holmes Chapel and surrounding area group, club, activity, event, business?Add a Holmes Chapel article

I am looking for guess bloggers, local clubs, businesses etc. who would like to post an article on the site. Absolutely free of charge, I’m just keen to try to encourage people to share information about what is going on in Holmes Chapel and the surrounding areas.

Yes, there are lots of facebook groups and other social networks now, but if you also want to add something to the google ether, and get it shared via twitter and facebook too, then please get in touch via the contact us link along the top. All you need to do is provide me with the text of your article and at least one picture if at all possible.

You can promote a club, social group, a business, an event, anything you like (as long as it’s legal and local!)  I’m also happy to promote any events in local business such as pub events, restaurant/takeaway special deals, events at the Vic Club etc. Drop me a message via the Contact us form (below) or send me an email.


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