Rumours of the The Swan Holmes Chapel about to re-open?

We’ve heard a couple of snippets of information regarding Holmes Chapel Samuel Smiths pub The Swan – which has been empty for quite some time. The pub is located next to the train station on Station Road.

It previously underwent substantial refurbishment which still divides opinion on whether it improved the pub or not (I’m sure it greatly improved the accomodation and facilities – but the way it divided the pub area up into small rooms wasn’t a big hit with everyone) but has been closed for over two years or thereabouts.

So, firstly, it was reported on a local social media page that a couple had been recently interviewed to take it over. It’s great to hear that they are actually actively recruiting as I must admit, many were beginning to doubt what the breweries’ motives were regarding this prominent railway side property – which now finds itself surrounded by many recently built houses, many of which probably weren’t there when it last opened. I have no idea how they got on BUT…… a friend of ours said that they had walked past it a few days ago and there was a LIGHT ON!

I passed it last week and it still had the massive “no trespassing” boulders in front, and all the shrubs were overgrown and it was looking pretty sad. However, I’m sure it would not take too much to get it looking inviting again. This pub has huge potential – and probably the best beer garden – as long as you don’t mind the sound of trains.

So, if you know what’s happening, please drop a comment below. I hope it is re-opening – the more local choice we have the better as we really don’t have enough commercial accommodation as everything has been turned into houses (and previously retirement apartments). If they are re-opening, I hope they will reconsider the scope of their drinks offer (imagine refurbishing a pub within the last 10 years and then only allowing it to sell RED, WHITE, or ROSE wine!) So, my second hope is that they recognise that people around here do like a bit of choice. If they can also see their way to also offering their excellent wheat beer as well, then even better.

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