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Holmes Chapel business directory

Holmes Chapel Business Directory (links are now all working!)

Looking for customers in Holmes Chapel, Goostrey, Middlewich, Twemlow, Brereton or Byley?

Tell people about your business?

Get your message out to the good local people of Holmes Chapel, Goostrey, Middlewich, Twemlow, Brereton, Byley and surrounding areas. Quick, simple, FREE for local businesses.

***Our online business directory is NOT associated with any of the printed hard copy directories (or any other local business directory that covers this area**

How to create your free Holmes Chapel business listing

  1. You need to be a registered user of this site. Click here to register (opens in a new window) or log in if already registered. (You can sign in using your Facebook credentials if you like)
  2. Then create your business listing. (You might have to wait a few seconds for the page to load as you update it).

If you can’t see a category that is appropriate for your business, go ahead and create your listing and we’ll add one later.

Listings will NOT auto-renew. You will need to respond to emails reminding you to renew a year from now.

What does it cost?

We are now offering three levels of listings:

1. Basic listings FREE for a year to support local businesses during the coronvirus situation.  You can always choose to upgrade your listings later on if required.
2. Featured listings £50 per year – listings will always show among the top results for their categories. 5 photos allowed. Listings will show in date added order, so the earlier you create your listing, the higher it will feature if your category becomes busy later. You will also receive social media support via our Facebook page and via Twitter.  If a payment is due (i.e. yours is NOT a free listing) PayPal is accepted.
3. Lifetime featured listings. £100 one off payment. No need to renew. 10 photos allowed. You will also receive social media support on our Facebook page and via Twitter.

Please note that we reserve the right to decline any free listing submissions if they are not specifically from Holmes Chapel and surrounding areas, and MLM type businesses will not qualify for a free listing (but non Holmes Chapel area or MLM’s will be accepted as paid listings).

Questions? Problems filling in the form? Drop me an email today.

Once listed, you can log in and update your Holmes Chapel online business directory entry free of charge at any time.

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