Victoria Club to re-open 20th July 2020

The Victoria Club have announced via Facebook that they are re-opening in a limited and Covid minded way from Monday 20 July.  This is what was shared on Facebook:

We will be opening our doors to our valued members as of 6pm on Monday 20th July.
✅ club will reopen for current members only. Those who were members in 2019 but have yet to renew can do so before entry into the club.
✅ socially distanced tables, and one way system in place.
✅ lounge bar and patio will be open.
✅ live sport will be shown, however sound will be kept low to eradicate the need to shout above the volume.
✅ table service and contactless payments only.
✅ PPE for our staff, and hand sanitisers available for our members to use.
🚫 No dogs allowed
🚫 no snooker, pool, darts or games machines allowed until further notice.
❕Children will be allowed in the club, however; we ask parents/carers not to allow them to run around the lounge and patio areas.
❕entrance to the club will be via the patio doors facing the cricket field.
We thank you all in advance for all your cooperation with the new guidelines and procedures we have in place, and ask to please show patience towards our staff.
From follow on comments, they have confirmed that the main hall will remain closed for the time being. Memberships can be renewed on entering for those of you who hadn’t managed to renew for 2020/21 before the lockdown kicked in.
If you want to get in touch with the club, their Facebook page is probably a good bet. Click here to access it (and you can message the club from there). 
Update: August 2021 – As you can see this was originally posted last year. Further lockdowns have come and gone. The Victoria Club is now back open. Indoor activities are slowly getting resumed – but I think everyone still has an eye on COVID 19 and the fact that it hasn’t gone away. Check their Facebook page for more information. The Club is also under new management so if you need to have dealings with them, please be nice, as they are relatively new to the Club and because of COVID, are still getting up to speed with all the in’s and out’s.  I’m not 100% sure if they are taking new memberships – but I can’t think why they wouldn’t be – so check with the club if you’re interested in joining the best sports and social club in the area. The bars are now open during this glorious summer we are having (sarcasm intended) – though I doin’t think they are open every day.
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