Proposal for Manor Lane business park

Image from the design, access and supporting statement

Holmes Chapel has seen a massive increase in housing in the last few years. Unfortunately this hasn’t been matched, as seems so often to be the case, with new commercial or leisure buildings, or new employment opportunities for the people moving in to the area.

There are a few pockets of land that are ripe for re-development, and one of these is the land to the right of Aldi (going towards Saltersford Corner – itself now yet another housing estate).

A proposal has been lodged to develop this into business units and the planning application is currently with Cheshire East Council for a decision. If you would like to have your say on this development proposal, then you only have until October 18th to register your views. Here is a direct link to the Manor Lane development proposal on the Cheshire East planning portal.

From the looks of it, there have been some issues raised already that will require some consideration with regard to access for local businesses and in relation to railway maintenance and safety but hopefully these can be resolved.

What would be nice is for some housing developers to include some commercial property instead of just throwing up expensive detached houses – somewhere that a new shop, restaurant, bar, or even an NHS dentist could make use of.

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