Holmes Chapel Restaurant planning application causes a stir

A slightly surprising planning application is currently being considered by Cheshire East Council which aims to provide a new restaurant/cafe and office building on land right next to Holmes Chapel favourite Don Alberto.  At the time of writing, around 45 public comments have been added – mainly negative (I haven’t got time to read them all!) The deadline for commenting on the planning application is June 18th so there is still time to add your view.

To see the plans, the maps, the current comments and to add a comment yourself please follow the link below (which takes you to the Cheshire East planning portal).

Please remember that objections have to be made on planning grounds. There is no point in saying you don’t like the sound  of it, and that’s that. For your objection to carry any weight, it must be structured appropriately. Fortunately Cheshire East Council do provide some guidance on this so click here to read the guidance on how to comment on a planning application  (opens on CE website).


Updated: 20 June 2020 – we understand that the above application has now been withdrawn. Thank goodness for that.



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