Holmes Chapel Planning Applications

Rather than list individual planning applications of interest to Holmes Chapel residents (and those in surrounding villages), I thought I’d explain how you can use the Cheshire East planning portal to make your own searches – and I’ve included some “quick links” at the bottom of the page as well that might be useful.

Planning applications normally have a set time within which anyone can comment to either object to it or to support it. Objections must be made on PLANNING GROUNDS – you can’t just object to a planning application because you don’t like someone or you think it’s morally wrong. You need a planning argument. You can still lodge an objection on the planning portal but it won’t carry any weight with the planning officer unless it relates to planning matters. Cheshire East provide a helpful list of the sort of things you can focus on to comment on a planning application here on this page.

OK, so you want to find out what is going on in your neighbourhood so you can keep an eye on new applications and other things of interest. The first thing is to visit the Cheshire East Planning portal page. You will see the form below.


If you know the actual planning reference number (for example, if you have received a notice because a planning application relates to a neighbouring property to yours) then you can enter that reference in the box, click search and you should be taken straight there. (Remember to include the Slash or / ). If you don’t know the planning reference, click on the text (highlighted above) to find applications by address or description and you will see the form below.

On this, I have made some selections to suit how I want to search for local planning applications. I have opted to search by address on the drop down, and I have typed “Holmes Chapel” in to the search box (I could have been more specific if I had an exact address), and I have selected show by list (instead of on a map).

So when you are happy with your selection, click on Search for planning applications and you should be presented with a live list as shown below – with the most recent applications showing at the top. Click on any of the numbers to the left to see the full details including submitted plans, any comments lodged already, and in some cases, the decision of the planning officer if that has already been decided.


If comments are still open, you can click to add your own thoughts. Just remember that these will go public, so keep them civil and businesslike if you can.

Here are some quick links as promised if you want to get straight to viewing the latest planning applications for Holmes Chapel and surrounding villages. Just click any of these links.

I hope you find this useful. Feel free to comment below.

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