Bloor Homes fail to read the room

This week Cheshire East Council refused permission to Bloor Homes to build an additional 25 houses on to their large site on London Road. A site which has already added a huge number of houses to the village. The application was opposed by both Holmes Chapel and Brereton Parish Councils.

Cheshire East said in their decision notice:

“The proposed development is unsustainable because it is located within the
Open Countryside and would result in an adverse impact on the appearance
and character of the area, contrary to Policies PG2 (Settlement Hierarchy),
PG6 (Open Countryside) of the Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy, Policies
HOU01 and HOU02 (Open Countryside and Settlement Boundaries) of the
Brereton Neighborhood Plan, saved Policy PS8 (Open Countryside) of the
Congleton Borough Local Plan First Review and the principles of the National
Planning Policy Framework, which seek to ensure development is directed to
the right location and open countryside is protected from inappropriate
development and maintained for future generations enjoyment and use. As
such it creates harm to interests of acknowledged importance.”

What a shame that they decided to put this application forward in the first place. Talk about failing to read the (metaphorical) room. Well done Cheshire East.

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