Tom Hingley ex-Inspiral Carpets at Holmes Chapel May 1 2020

I am delighted to share the news that Tom Hingley formerly of the Inspiral Carpets will be performing at the Victoria Club in Holmes Chapel on Friday May 1 2020. It’s brilliant to have some quality live music in the village and I am assured from friends that Tom is fantastic live.

I understand that he will be playing a mixture of music by the Inspirals as well as solo material. This is a must-see gig – and I hope people will support it as this will encourage the club to put on more live acts.  So, if you like quality original live music then please get yourself along. Tickets are available from the Victoria Club (on Victoria Avenue) – hopefully you know where that is – or you can also buy them online at ticketing website (click here to go to the event page). The gig has even inspired me to add a new post category of Holmes Chapel nightlife. Let’s hope I get an excuse to use it more soon! Tickets are just £10 each and it’s not a massive venue as you know so get in quick if interested.

Tom Hingley Inspiral Carpets Holmes Chapel
Click the image to buy tickets at
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