Are you registered with a Holmes Chapel GP?

Holmes Chapel health centre recently circulated this letter for public information and I’m reproducing in here as text (as I can’t paste in a PDF but if you want to read the original as it was circulated, you can click to read it here:  Are you registered with a GP. )

Holmes-Chapel-Health-centreHow can you help ensure that your GP practice is correctly funded?

Patients nationally are struggling to get a timely appointment with their GP. As with many things in life, funding is a factor that can help address this issue.

How are GP practices funded?

A commercial business can increase revenue and profit by investing in current and new business activities, i.e. increased investment can result in increased revenue. GP practices do not generate their core income by activity, they receive a fixed amount of funding which is based on the number of patient registered with them. This level of funding is the same per patient no matter how many times an individual patient engages with the GP practice over the year.

Why you should register with a local GP practice, even if you are not currently ill:

In order to ensure that your GP practice can provide the right level of clinical staffing, we need all local residents to ensure that everyone in their household is registered with a local
GP. This will help the GP practice obtain the correct level of funding, which in turn enables them to employ the correct level of clinical and administrative staff.
By only registering with a GP practice when you become ill, you are contributing to the problem. You may not need to see a GP at the current time, but maybe some else in your
household does, or a close relative who lives nearby, or a local friend or neighbour – by not registering with a local GP you are reducing your GP practice’s ability to look after these people.

Three things you can do to help:

  1. Are all of your household members registered with a local GP? If not, please
    register them now.
  2. Do you have family who live nearby? Is everyone in their household registered with a local GP? If not, please encourage them to register now.
  3. Are your friends and neighbours registered with a local GP? Please raise this issue in discussion – the more people that we can bring into this discussion, the better the outcome for everyone.

Thank you.

Dean Grice
Practice Manager
Holmes Chapel Health Centre


So, in a nutshell, as Holmes Chapel continues to grow and more housing development applications go in, we need the infrastructure to grow with it as best it can, especially when it comes to health services. So if you are not registered with a GP, please do so as this gives the health centre the best chance to keep up with the potential demands of a rapidly growing village like Holmes Chapel.

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