Holmes Chapel Coronavirus response

A new Facebook group has recently been set up to discuss Holmes Chapel village’s response to the Coronavirus and how we can work together to help each other. Please note that this is nothing to do with this site – but I think it’s a great idea and wanted to pass on the information about it in case you haven’t heard.

To access the group, you will need a Facebook account and this is the direct link to help you find it.  Alternatively, search for “Holmes Chapel Coronavirus (COVID 19) Community Support Group”. Lots of great ideas are currently being shared, so please join and contribute. Again, this is NOT connected with this site – I’m just passing the message on.

The Parish Council are also very much involved in considering how we can pull together to help each other. Again, they have an active Facebook page and you can find this here.  The Holmes Chapel Parish Council website is here.

Holmes Chapel health centre are also publishing regular updates.  Holmes Chapel Health Centre facebook page here . The Holmes Chapel Health Centre website is here.  Patients are also receiving regular text updates.

Please look after your neighbours as best you can. Becky Wass has designed a great card that you could complete and pop through a neighbours door if you want to offer your support just in case they are self isolating. You can download a Corona Virus help my neighbour card here. Copies are also being produced locally for sharing (see the facebook group for more information).

FInally, if you can, please support local businesses. They really need your support.

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